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About a decade ago, the idea of movies on demand for most of us was simply visiting a local store and renting a few DVDs, hoping to get our hands on the latest blockbuster flick of the week. For a decent subscription fee, this made monetary sense as the movie would take too long to release on cable television and not everyone was up for shelling out the time and money to watch it at the cinema. This business model worked well for Blockbuster, an American-based rental service, that at its peak was worth over $5 billion dollars. But only…

In the past few weeks since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, there has been a widespread disruption in all major sectors, severely impacting the human way of life. Governments around the world are working closely with local authorities to track, respond and mitigate the effects of this pandemic and healthcare officials are resorting to analytics and advanced computational tools to augment their efforts to mitigate further infection.

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In conjunction with all the great planning and research already taking place, the ML community has identified a number of arenas in which AI can help accelerate solutions. Some of…

Nihal D'Souza

Software Developer at Cisco Systems — Supply Chain DevOps | Teaching Assistant at UNIV.AI | Fascinated by Natural Language

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